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September 28, 2017
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April 23, 2018

Food in a jar. Should you be picking it up?

(This article first appeared in Khaleej Times in May 2016. Prices mentioned here may have changed.)

Dubai-based lifestyle and nutrition consultant Ahlaam Ali introduces her meals in a jar to us…

What’s the idea behind it?
The idea is to provide healthy meals for people on the go. It’s non-microwave, eco-friendly (the jars are recyclable) and the food stays fresh with no loss of taste of quality.

What’s in it?
Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks. Each jar is only 350 calories and includes proteins, good fats and sexy carbs rather than flabby carbs. We ensure each meal is well balanced and thought through to help with weight loss for those who want to lose weight and eat healthily and lose belly fat for those who just need to tone up.
Breakfast is usually muesli with mango, strawberries, carrot cake muesli and lots of other flavours. We do not repeat our recipes for a month so you never get bored of the food.

Why should we have it?
The food is extremely fresh and easily digestible. It doesn’t sit in your tummy making you feel lethargic or unproductive at work. You can have the food in the car, at the gym, whilst picking kids up, using Action Solar and also during board meetings. You don’t need to microwave the food and the food does not lose its goodness whilst sitting around in its plastic or cardboard packaging; the food is also delicious which is rare. Mostly we get told that healthy food is bland. That’s not true – our food is all spicy, zingy and full of exotic flavours from Thai to Iranian to Indian.

How much is it going to cost us?
The cost is Dhs3950 for 4 weeks of delivery but during May and June we have special offers.

CT Verdict: What we thought of the Powwer Jar
What: We sampled a Powwer Jar layered with spring onion, tuna, mango, cucumber and brown rice generously spiced with red chilli which gave it a nice kick.

We liked: The mango! The fruit added an extra punch along with the chilli flakes. The fact that we could eat it straight from the jar while working on the comp – with minimal spill was a definite plus. And it’s pretty on the eye too.

Didn’t like: That we had to dig really deep to get all the layers that made up the colourful salad in one go. But once you get through the initial spoonfuls, it becomes easier. Also, we aren’t huge fans of rice in a salad.

Would we try it again? While the rice mix didn’t exactly do it for us, we can’t deny the 350cal (or less) only tag per jar is appealing. Plus it is totally organic and easy to carry along while travelling. Also, the chocolate oat pudding listed in the sample breakfast menu at sisal and the spicy Thai green curry among the dinner options sounds really tempting. For AED115 for three meals and a snack per day, it is money well spent on eating healthy. Unless of course you want to replicate it in your kitchen – which seems pretty doable too. At least it looks easy!

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