About Detox – Powwer Jars – healthy vegan meal plans

About Us

Powwer Living is a Food Consultancy Company. We create new food concepts and take them to the customer through established channels.

Our Philosophy

  • We promise to deliver healthy gourmet food to you, in the freshest, cleanest way.
  • We promise to help you TRANSFORM the way you eat.
  • Our food is not just food. It is a philosophy of TRANSFORMATION!
  • All our meals are organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and added sugar-free.
  • All our meals are free from soy, soy derivatives, preservatives and colourings.
  • No additives are used. Everything is freshly made daily.
  • We deliver to your doorstep or desktop at your convenience.
  • We also exercise a “zero carbon footprint” policy: we recycle everything.
  • We encourage you to not use the microwave to heat our food. It kills the nutrients that are intact during the assembly process.
  • We do NOT use cardboard or plastic (saving the environment and saving you from the effects of harmful chemicals emanating from plastics and cardboard.)
  • With Powwer Jars,  rest assured the fuel you are putting in your body is clean, pure and unadulterated.

Your body is a luxury machine…feed it good quality fuel

For our Detox packages call us today:
055 9500094 or 055 8407679