About Ahlaam Ali – Powwer Jars – healthy vegan meal plans

About Ahlaam Ali

Ahlaam Ali, a renowned international lifestyle and wellbeing consultant based in the UAE, has been in the wellbeing and weight loss diaspora for the last ten years.As a natural progression, following on from the success of her weight loss programmes, Ahlaam has created Powwer™ Jars – a unique healthy meal concept that encompasses all her philosophies on weight loss.

Ali has a bursting passion for creating healthy organic meals on a daily basis. This led to the creation of a range of visually enticing meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner –  in jars.

With Powwer™ Jars, you can implement a completely clean eating lifestyle, made up of nourishing foods totally free of additives, colouring and artificial sweeteners.

Many pre-packaged and ready-made foods are designed for maximum shelf life with so many artificial additives that they contribute to inflammation of the gut, and a number of modern-day diseases including obesity, IBS, diabetes and even cancers.

Switch to Powwer™ Jars and discover your healthiest, happiest self, in a convenient, trouble-free way. Let us provide you with the highest levels of fresh, natural, nutrient-rich, macrobiotic food – in an ultra-convenient, portable, recyclable jar.